How to buy APFC tokens directly from our website?

  1. Go to the buyback/exhange page and click the button to connect your wallet.
  2. Select the wallet application you plan to connect to or scan the QR code.
  3. After connecting the wallet, enter the required amount in the input field. If you have not passed KYC and the amount exceeds the limit that can be used without KYC, then the investment buttons will be replaced with "PASS KYC".
  4. If you have not passed KYC, then click on the "PASS KYC" button and complete identity verification. If you have already done this, then after you have entered the required amount, you can click the invest button.
  5. After clicking on this button, if your wallet is connected, then you must open your wallet and confirm the transactions. There will be two of them, the first is approve, the second is investing/buying.
  6. After confirming the transactions, you can disconnect the wallet from the site page.

What is the long-term goal of APF GROUP's
land investments?

The goal is to consolidate the land into whole blocks intended for agricultural use in collaboration with tenants like farmers and agricultural companies

How are funds raised through the
ICO of the APFC token utilized?

Funds are used for investing in agricultural land and financing projects supporting agricultural production development, ecological agricultural projects, and sustainability initiatives

What types of client portfolios
does APF GROUP manage?

Traditionally, investing in agriculture required substantial capital. However, digital assets have dramatically lowered these entry barriers. Now, a wider spectrum of investors can tap into the agricultural sector, enjoying the fruits of this essential industry.

How does APF GROUP facilitate direct
investment in agricultural land?

Clients can directly invest and own agricultural land, with the investment's liquidity secured by a future purchase contract where APF GROUP agrees to buy back the land at a predetermined price at the investment period's end.

What is the total value of client portfolios
managed by APF GROUP?

As of 31st March 2024 , the total value was CZK 831,852,977 Kč = USD 35,687,948.