About us

The company APF DIGITAL AGRIFUND CR s.r.o. belongs to the APF GROUP of companies, which invest in agricultural land within the Czech Republic. The company has been registered on the list of persons conducting asset management comparable to farming, pursuant to § 15 (1) of the Investment Company and Investment Fund Act, maintained by the Czech National Bank in accordance with § 596 (e) of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act. It is only a registration and the company is not supervised by the CNB.

In addition to managing entrusted funds as an alternative fund, the company aims to enter the international cryptocurrency market with its own cryptocurrency called APF Coin (APFC). Currently, the company is seeking to list APFC on a cryptocurrency exchange through an independent ICO. The issued cryptocurrency will be backed by the assets of the APF GROUP.

The entrusted financial resources within the alternative fund and the funds obtained from the sale of the APF Coin cryptocurrency are primarily used to purchase agricultural land, as well as in accordance with the investment strategy of the alternative fund, to invest in securities of companies operating in agriculture, food and related industries.

What are our values?


APF GROUP makes no secret of anything. We always inform our clients about what land they are buying and under what conditions. We provide adequate collateral for the commitments made. We can back up the promised returns with real data. It is not about investing "blindly" in real estate or a fund that the client knows nothing about. We provide regular information on financial results and other company facts.


At APF GROUP we remember our roots, our ancestors and where we came from. We didn't create the soil, we took it from the last generation and we will pass it on to the next. That is why it is important to think about the state we leave it in and make sure it can support our descendants.


APF GROUP has experienced professionals who understand the land, know what land to choose and where to choose it so that it is not only profitable but also valuable for future use. We stick to what works and is proven.

Love for the land

APF GROUP cares about the Czech soil and its condition and wants to advocate its acceptable use and actively help in the development of Czech agriculture. We invest in projects such as Sobůlský dvůr or the APF Utility Garden in Hněvotín. At the same time, the people of APF Group have rural roots and a relationship with the fertile landscape of Haná, where they grew up.


We do not make unrealistic promises. We stick to reality, reality and what happens in it and what follows from it. We make decisions based on knowledge, experience and proven practices backed by results. We provide investments that are grounded in reality - literally, ground that can be touched.

And we're not forgetting our roots…

They've written about us


"With a track record of successful transactions and an average gross yield of around 20% per annum, APF can secure future yields through forward purchase agreements."

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"APF Digital Agrifund, a family-owned company primarily engaged in investments in agricultural land in the Czech Republic, combines the advantages of digital assets with the benefits of real investment in agricultural land..."

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"This protective mechanism shields APFC holders from market value reductions and other negative market conditions. The fair value of APFC is determined by the total assets of APF GROUP..."

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"Transparency, responsibility, experience, and realism are among the core values of APF, as the company believes that the land has to be passed from generation to generation..."

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"A kriptovaluták szerves részévé válnak mindennapjainknak, s már a mezőgazdasági iparágba is beszivárogtak. A mezőgazdaságba és a földekbe való befektetés nem gyerekjáték, különösen vidéken vagy olyan helyeken, ahol bonyolult az adminisztratív eljárás..."

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CrypS. (Polish)

"APF Digital Agrifund, rodzinna firma zajmująca się głównie inwestycjami w grunty rolne w Czechach, łączy zalety cyfrowych aktywów z korzyściami płynącymi z rzeczywistych inwestycji w grunt rolny..."

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KryptoMagazin (Slovak)

"Digitálny agrofond APF umožňuje komukoľvek rýchlo a jednoducho investovať do pôdy a získať až 30 % APY z investície prostredníctvom svojho tokenu APFC..."

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