Agricultural land owned by APF GROUP

Dear Clients,

I hereby present to you another set of agricultural land owned by APF GROUP.

These are agricultural mixed land plots registered as arable land, permanent grassland, other area and forest land with a total area of 305,452 m² (30.5 ha) in the cadastral area of Kněždub, Hodonín district. The land is registered on the ownership certificate No 2441. It is a set of land forming individual strips in a hunt or in large meadows. Access to the land is provided by a municipal unpaved and paved road. The predominant BPEJ 32411 (land rating). The land is classified predominantly in protection class IV. The basic price according to the decree is CZK 8.79 per sqm (maximum CZK 20 per sqm). The point yield of the land is 57 (it is a low-productive land). The land is subject to a lease agreement with a local tenant.

The land will be used in the following years for the implementation of agricultural projects in cooperation with the tenant.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

Agricultural land owned by APF GROUP