Investment strategies of the APF GROUP

Dear Clients,

This is to inform you about the investment strategy of the APF GROUP. APF GROUP is a family-owned company primarily engaged in investments in agricultural land in the Czech Republic. We currently own agricultural land with a total value of over CZK 100 million. The purchase of land is carried out continuously on the basis of predetermined parameters (location, area, location of the land in the cadastral area, land quality, lease conditions, other legal defects). The long-term goal is to gradually consolidate the land in each locality into whole blocks of land intended for agricultural use in cooperation with tenants (farmers and agricultural companies).

At the same time, we offer clients the possibility of direct investment in agricultural land in the form of a real investment, where the client is the owner of the land for the entire duration of the investment. The liquidity of this investment is secured by a future purchase contract, under which we undertake to buy the land back from the client at the end of the investment period for a predetermined future purchase price. For real investments, we emphasize the hedging and consistent selection of the land that makes up each client's portfolio. We currently manage client portfolios of agricultural land with a total value in excess of CZK 450 million. For land worth CZK 180 million, we have secured a buy-back to APG GROUP under a future purchase agreement.

As part of APF GROUP's long-term strategy, we are establishing a fund of qualified investors, which will primarily focus on investments in agricultural land in the Czech Republic and secondarily on financing projects supporting the development of agricultural production in individual locations. The projects will focus on financing investments in agricultural primary production (crop and livestock production), financing of current operations, ecological agricultural projects (future farming) and projects supporting sustainability and self-sufficiency of agriculture with an emphasis on landscape protection. 

The funds raised through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of the APFC token will be used in accordance with the long-term strategy of APF GROUP and will offer clients the opportunity to participate in specific projects in the future. At the same time, the APFC project may offer an alternative for other agricultural investors from other countries and continents to secure funding for their projects.

Thank you for your support and trust.

Investment strategies of the APF GROUP