Results of the APF GROUP owner as a person

Dear Clients,

As part of our corporate value Transparency, we hereby publish the results of the APF GROUP owner as a natural person.

The reported results are from the period prior to the establishment of Agrární půdní fond s.r.o. (25 May 2020) and the subsequent transformation of the activities of the physical All tax liabilities from previous years have been paid. Income from the business comes from real estate activities (real estate brokerage and purchase and sale of agricultural land).

Tax base (line 55 of the Personal Income Tax Return):

2018: CZK 495,069

2019: CZK 3,664,524

2020: CZK 2,392,695

2021: CZK 990,145

2022: CZK 2,214,400

The aforementioned after-tax income was used to finance the establishment and development of Agrární půdní fond s.r.o. In 2021 and 2022, the income from business of a natural person were fully transferred to a legal entity. This answers a common question as to where the funding for the development of the company came from and whether the agricultural land business was already profitable before the establishment of Agrarian Land Fund Ltd.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust so far.

Results of the APF GROUP owner as a person