Start of agricultural production within the APF GROUP

Dear Clients,

In accordance with the long-term strategy of APF GROUP, we are starting agricultural production on agricultural land owned by APF GROUP.

Agricultural production will be focused on sustainable agriculture (conservation agriculture) with respect to ecology and climate change.

The sectors of agricultural production that will be implemented through APF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION CR s.r.o.:

- crop production - growing crops (cereals, forage crops, vegetables)

- livestock production (extensive breeding of beef cattle breeds)

- viticulture (establishment and operation of vineyards, wineries)

The proceeds from the sale of the APFC token will continue to be used for the purchase of agricultural land and the financing of agricultural activities within the APF GROUP.

We will keep you informed about the implementation of specific agricultural projects.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

Start of agricultural production within the APF GROUP