Cooperation with the company SOBŮLSKÝ GRUNT s.r.o.

Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that as part of the long-term investment strategy of APF GROUP, we have established cooperation with SOBŮLSKÝ GRUNT s.r.o., based in Sobůlky (Hodonín district). It is a family farm, which deals with extensive breeding of beef cattle. The current breeding represents over 200 heifers, young bulls and calves.

In the first phase of cooperation, we offered the company a long-term lease of agricultural land owned by APF GROUP to expand the area of pastures and meadows in the Hodonín districts and Uherské Hradiště. In the next phase, the terms of which we are discussing, the subject of cooperation will be the possibility of providing long-term financing for further development of the farm (investment, operation).

We will keep you informed about the development of the cooperation.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust.

Cooperation with the company SOBŮLSKÝ GRUNT s.r.o.