New project within the APF GROUP

Dear Clients, 

We would like to inform you about another of our projects within the APF GROUP.

We have acquired an unmaintained plot of land registered as arable land in the outskirts of the village of Hněvotín with an area of 645 m2 into the ownership of APF GROUP in May 2022. The land is situated between a development of houses and a secondary paved municipal road. A high-pressure gas pipeline runs through the plot, which does not allow to use the land as a building plot. It was fallow land without trees and shrubs, but with high soil fertility (BPEJ). There was no lease agreement for the land.

As an agricultural entrepreneur, we decided to use the land to establish a commercial garden based on natural principles at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to create a low cost edible and living garden that will be used to grow vegetables, fruits, small berries, medicinal herbs and flowers. At the same time, we aim to attract birds, insects and small animals to the garden by planting shrubs and establishing flowering meadows. All activities will be in line with ecological principles without the use of chemicals and with sustainability for future generations. The project is financed from the retained earnings of the APF GROUP. By implementing this project, we will achieve a significant long-term appreciation of the land owned by the APF GROUP.

We will keep you informed about the development of the project.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust so far.

New project within the APF GROUP